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Couple Showing Affection

Crystal Payne, LCSW

Crystal is a military veteran and dedicated to serving her community. She earned her undergraduate degree in social work from Clark Atlanta University and her master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California. Crystal is licensed to practice independently in the state of Georgia and has been serving the community since 2014. She has worked with groups, couples, and individuals and quickly realized the widespread need for financial education and improving financial health in the community.

Crystal currently operates her private practice where she works with couples in the LGBT community as they journey towards developing and sustaining healthy relationships. As a certified financial social worker, she is able to incorporate the significant element of having a healthy relationship with finances into the process. Crystal is eagerly doing her part to improve the financial health of Americans one day at a time.

Gossiping over Tea

H.M. Phillips

Spouses are not called to think alike, they are called to think together.

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